Page 65

Really my job takes a lot of my time and most of my energy. On average I work between 50-70 hours a week and it is somewhat physical so I have valid excuses to not work on my comic. So week after week I let it ride and update it about every month until my wake up call..

my wake up call is when I get a email from the people who help run my advertisements at Project Wonderful and they inform me that they will discontinue me because I do not get enough traffic, it hurts. It is just another reminder that I can’t work on my comic as much as I would like and when I do get a chance I neglect it because well.. I am tired.

My wake up call is that in the past few months my story has not progressed to where I want it to so I can open up and really roll with it.

My wake up call should be that really no one is going to read or respond to this post and I am OK with that but If I tried harder to produce something people are interested in then I would not get emails from my advertisers wanting to drop me, I would get feed back, and eventually I will be creating a comic people can enjoy and on the level I know I can.

Thanks Levni Yilmaz (a.k.a. AgentXPQ)for this video to remind me.

and thanks to those who have been posting comments. They are much appreciated and keep writing in. I will work on getting more pages up in a timely fashion. Also if you get a chance go check out some of my artwork at Thank you!